Rock the Party (Off the Hook) Harmonica tabs

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We came hear to rock this jam
Spread his love is the master plan
Let this light ignite like a star ’cause
Everybody in the party knows who we are
You gotta get down,dance around,floss your style
P.O.D. guarantee make it worth your while
Bad vibes leave ’em at the door
Soulcheck’n, housewreck’n, keep’em begg’n for more

We came here to rock the party all night long
(from the left to right and the back to front)
So party people won’t you sing that song
We came to rock the party all night long
And keep it live till the break of dawn

I say hey DJ won’t ya play that song
And we’ll keep dancing till the break of dawn
Keep it live like the way it should and
Ain’t nobody gett’n crazy so you know it’s all good
B-boys,fly girls one time
Friend of yours is a friend of mine
Don’t bother stopping till this jam is through
If you been here before than you know how we do

[Chorus: x2]

Last time last time come on
We gotz to play what we feel so
Then I can say I came real
Don’t want to be caught mess’n around
’cause a party ain’t a party when it gets shut down, shut down,shut down
Off the hook with the cutz that’s right
Feel’n loose ’cause it sounds so tight
Rock da spot till the very end
Make sure you’re there when we do it again


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