Roll ‘Em Phat Harmonica tabs

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Ha ha, oh yeah, roll ’em up, roll ’em up
It’s going down, something kinda tight, check it

Roll ’em up Oaktown, it’s the A-N-T
Just nod your head to the funk I bump and pass the dank to me
Cause I’m about to get the West Coast loaded
Put my rap into your zag and you can damn sure smoke it
Cause it’s D-O-be -E ready to get you high
Potent like endo, or maybe chocolate thai
You say you want the best, well I’m a bring the best
Just hit the fucking dank and let it sting your chest
Yeah bombola, cidal, top of the line herb
Don’t you try to drive, you’ll be so high you might swerve
Some smoke dank and like to kick it on the street
But I hit the shit and start tripping on the beat
So nod your head to this, to cess I’m prejudice
I never smoke the shit because it never gets me lit
And I don’t like to waste my time getting zonked
Banks don’t need no weed that’s bump
Cause I’m the type of nigga that likes to taste it when I hit it
You know we got ’em thick, thicker than my dick
We like to roll ’em phat

So now you know in the O endo’s the tip
A dedication to the niggas who smoke the shit
My nigga Short Dog, my nigga Pee Wee
My nigga Juda, MC Pooh to Shorty be
We don’t need a babysitter so f*ck the hogging
Just take a blast and pass to Randy Austin
I made the beat real fat so you can get my point
I know Mhisani, Spice, and Dame want to hit the joint
So let ’em hit it, when they get it show ’em much love
And pass it on to Richie Rich and the fucking gov
Ascari X is next and Step G
MC Ant and little Seed from SNV
Can’t forget the D-I, huh the G-I, to the T-A-L, right next to hell
My nigga Chris Hicks, Too Clean, and Ali Superside
This is strictly for the trunks, cause I want you to ride
With the next one I got, take it straight to the head
And roll it kinda fat for my nigga nigga dead
Ha ha, yeah, we like to roll ’em phat

Check it out, it’s a crazy going on, they don’t understand me
They smoking dank in Brookville and even Subrandy
100 Ave., to the Plymouth Rock
85th, 96th smoking spliffs don’t stop
700, the 7-deuce
Rolling shit tight so it don’t come loose
So when I hit it it can knock me off my feet
69th Seminary, and High Street
I can’t forget the big 2-3
And my homies Clem, Jamal, Mark, Rame, and E
You want weed smoke? We got the best smoke
From the East Oak to the West Oak, we like to roll ’em phat

Ha ha, you know what I’m saying? It’s going down in the Oaktown
Every motherfucking night, yeah

Uh, this beat is smooth as f*ck
Dope do do do do I’m just tripping on the beat!
Dope do do do do, Dope do do do do

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