Roll Truck Roll Harmonica tabs

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I’m going down to Feather River Canyon gotta go down Donner Summit is closed
Another eighty miles and I sure am lonesome cause I’ll be late gettin’ home
Roll truck roll take me to my baby I’m tired of bein’ alone
Roll truck roll I wanna see my baby roll truck roll me on home

One of these days I’m gonna quit this old road when I’ve saved enough money
Gonna buy me a place back home and live a little just me and my kids and my honey
Mama said little Danny’s not doing too good in school
Said he keeps talkin’ about his daddy that he hardly knows
Teacher said that he just sits at his desk and draws the pictures of trucks
I guess I know what that means and what it shows
Why I’m not home three months out of the year
And here lately it’s showing on me too
I saw a lot of country at first and I really like it then
But anymore there’s just none of it new
Oh what a long old haul this has been
I’ve had rain most of the way and now it’s beginning to pour
It sure looks cold that wind blowin’ up through that canyon
But I gotta keep my spirits up so I guess I’ll sing a little more
I’m going down to Feather River Canyon
Roll truck roll me on home

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