Roll w/ the Flavor Harmonica tabs

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Hey yo firecracker whitey cracker’s blowin up the spot
So here comes the honkey with the sixteen shot
clip let ’em rip ya better duck as I buck
I get quick when I slip, now you’re (shit) out of luck
So Rin Tin Tin, I’m flowin to tic tac toe
Rolled a 4-5-6, then I’m scoopin up the doughs
So hollllld up, squiddly diddly wait a minute
Eight arms to go around and eight legs to come with it
So hellos, fellows, I’m feelin kind of mellows
Brews for the crews to keep the brain like jellos
So as I flows, follow the nose that always knows
his (shit), so let me spin it around
like a merry-go mack daddy pimp not a simp
with a limp if you’re fiendin for the flavor GET THE HIT
The crew don’t half step, we lay it on thick
If you suckers want to front then get the DIIICK

You gotta roll with the flavor – flavor flavor!
I kicks the flavor – flavor flavor!
You gotta savor the flavor – flavor flavor!
Kamron kick the flavor

Yo check it out
Jump to the beat cheat the troops with the Fruit Loops
I’m back to attack the wack and smack the wack who slack
CRACK-A-LACK, it’s the crackerjack kickin that black rap
Gots to get a dap that ol’ NEW YORK RAP
So hold, here we go, can I flow unto the breaks
If you’re slippin like a snake then I contemplate the fate
cause I’m fizzin – FUMIN – the mentals need boomin
When I’m done I bone your ho and then her hair needs groomin
So, pass the comb as I’m the barber let me get BUSY
I’m raw like a dragon, I’ll eat you like a grizzly
More flavor than a ladi(?), that’s why the girlies want me
Gettin boned was Sally’s hobby so I tossed her like a dolly
I’m super duper SWIFT, I got the getty back
That means I get it from the getty SO YOU BETTER NOT ACT UP
Like I said in the big (?), I gots the fat knots
And I gets the boots cause the hookers love the dreadlocks

You gotta roll with the flavor – flavor flavor!
I kicks the flavor – flavor flavor!
You gotta savor the flavor – flavor flavor!
ATA kick the flavor

Yo check it out
Shaboom shaboom shaboom the hippie hoppin critter
It’s the bottom of the 9th they’re bringin in the pinch hitter
COWABUNGA! Grab a 40 I get speedy needy greedy
ON THE CORNER! Doin what I want to eyes lookin beady
But I’m quick to rush the less and crush the rest to dust
Who else to bust the rap cap, at your wick wack pack G
Cause I don’t be playin around when it comes to gettin down
Sound for poundin out bounds, to rock the weak MC
BU-SY; cause I’m gonna get wicked
Switchin up the styles gettin quicker as I kick it
Metaphorical inquisitive, SLICK RHYME RIPPER
Step off the dillz and get your honey off my zipper
I stick her, LICK HER, dick her then I’ll trick her
Make her bring the lucci get the boot yo when I’m thick
I got the CINN-A-MON, the sugar salt and spice
ATA got the sway swingin swift style slice

[repeat 3X]
You gotta roll with the flavor – flavor flavor!
We kicks the flavor – flavor flavor!
Roll with the flavor – flavor flavor!
YBT kicks the flavor that you savor

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