Rollin Harmonica tabs

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Comin’ up as yungsta
Watchin’ the OG’s in the hood while they flossin’ in they rides
Candy paint, chrome wheels, and black magic on the attire
Me, yeah I was lovin’ it, but not old enough drive
Parkin’ lot pimpin’ from the passenger side
I use to walk everywhere I had to show up
Shoe hills, one down like wheel rubber, man I was about to go nuts
Hopefully I would blow up in these rap game man
My people roll swanga’s, I wanted to be rollin’ the same thang
Never had alot of work, but I was doin’ what I could
Movin’ nickles, dimes, twenty’s, and ounces all threw my hood
Since I had a one yolla fines cash me up
Mean while thumpin’ for a ride my homies pass me up
It’s all gravy, when I’m able I’m a showin’ all somthin’
From a hopte to a foreign, I’m ballin’ it’s all or nothin’
Treat my feet with’ designer to fine sneak’s when I leave my home
Only place you catch me walkin’ is to my mail box’s
Cause on the streets I be on crome

I’ll keep rollin’ chrome
I’ll keep rollin’ chrome
Wood grain is what I’m holdin’ on
I’ll keep rollin’ chrome

Huh, I started off with’ a canary yellow cutlass supreme on bald tire’s
Yeah I know I was out of line
But that was all I could find
Or should I say that was all I could purchase for what I had to spend
But at least I had somthin’ to go from point A to B and
No more offerin’ gas money to get a lift
Besides when your driven it’s easyer to get a chick
So ani’t no more parkin’ lot pimpin’ at the club I’m up in there
Seekin’ little mama, with’ thick thighs, I hope she let me in there
Like swim wear, pull up to the motel, and we’ll go in there
Nothin’ left to do but comit a sin there
And that was in my hopte, but when I show up in my big body with’ the gloss
All of the boppers was boppin’ I just could’nt shake’m off
Sixteen switches, tewnty-two inches, trunk goin’ to war
They don’t want to lay here with me, they want to lay in my car
I was lovin’ it back then and still love it today
Except I’m not yellow cutlase no more, I’m 300 blue over gray, on chrome

I’ll keep rollin’ chrome
I’ll keep rollin’ chrome
Wood grain is what I’m holdin’ on
I’ll keep rolin chrome

Finally I’m in the mix, ridin’ twenty four’s or twenty six
My neck and my wrist lite, with’ out me sellin’ a brick
Tv’s in the roof and the dashboard and I’m watchin’ a flick
Rollin’ with my pistol in my lap and I’m cockin’ if
I spy somethin’ suspicious in my rear view mirror when I’m creepin’
If you plan on jackin’ me I plan on leavin’ you sleepin’
I be in different vehicle cause I’m havin’ thangs
King of the ghetto entertainment got me havin’ change
You can smell it on me, even tho quite, the way I live it be tellin’ on me
Don’t get twisted I’m still a felon homie
Thinkin’ you goin’ to rob me that’s a N O
And when I’m in N O I roll with god and as always Mr.Marsello
And they be with me when they in Texas don’t par take it as a spy
Harlum nights in stores where they drop it like it’s hot
So if your tryin’ to call me and I don’t answer my phone
I can’t hear it cause my music to loud I’m bangin’ on chrome

I’ll keep rollin’ chrome (rollin chrome)
I’ll keep rollin’ chrome (rollin chrome)
Wood grain is what I’m holdin’ on (holdin’ on)
I’ll keep rolin chrome (yaah)
I’ll keep rollin’ chrome (yes I am)
I’ll keep rollin’ chrome (I’m rollin chrome)
Wood grain is what I’m holdin’ on (is what I’m holdin on)
I’ll keep rollin’ chrome (S.U.C.)
(Baby) (S.U.C.)

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