Sail Away Harmonica tabs

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December morning when the ship came sailing in,
The sailor boys with all their noise had come around again
She stood on the quayside, she was looking for a friend
he had caught her eye and now she’ll try
to make him come her way (come her way)
So long, goodbye, nice to know you baby but it’s time to fly,
he laughed as she cried and watched her dreams sail away.
Had one just like her on a far off Eastern shore,
and every town, that he’d sailed round was like the one before
and thought he said he loved her, his words were like his heart
they were empty as a summer stream that dries up oh so hard
(oh so hard)
Sail away, sail away
Sail away, sail away
Oh sail away again, away again
Every day somebody sails away,
Cried when he heft her, but she never knew his name,
Just a night of love to pass like ships and never meet again
She can’t hold the tears, but she knows that one day
he will come around (come around again)

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