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There’s a ship
And it sails a sea of light
On it’s way to me tonight
From a distant shore
Taking me home once more
And the waves
And the whistling of the wind
Make me come alive again
My destiny’s at my door
Going to leave this town forever
And go where I’ll never
Nead an overcoat no more, where they cry

Oh lalalala, every night and every day
Sitting by the Gulf coast just a thousand miles away
Where they cry

Oh lalalala, on an island I will dwell
Starlit nights in paradise on the Isle of Sanibel
There’s a girl
And I see her dressed in white
As she lies there in the night
I can hear her cry
Where has he gone and why
But she knows
That someday he will arrive
And it keeps her love alive
Dreams can never die
She looks across the ocean
At sails in motion
In the early morning sky, where they cry

Angels of the water, sirens of the sea
Whispering there sweet love songs
Calling out to me

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