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I’ll be someone in the morning, I don’t want to be
And the things that were so easy are getting hard for me
I lived with things when I was younger
I can’t swallow now
I’ll lose everything I worked for
If I don’t fight it somehow
Baby can you help me
Before I lose sight of who I am
I’m getting tired of depending on intangibles
Take the gun out of my hand
Baby save me

I wanna reach right out and touch you
But I don’t know how
I’ve got to know if you are with me
Or against me now
And if you ask too many questions, you’ve got no chance
They’ll keep you going round in circles
You’ve got to stop this dance
I’d get down on my knees girl
But it’s too late for me to learn how to pray
Can you look into my eyes and understand
The words that I cannot say
Baby save me

Come here baby don’t cry, we need all our strength to get well
Who’s gonna save the children when we can’t help ourselves
Nobody’s picking up the fallen flag
Nobody seems to know it never went down
It’s getting harder and harder to find the things you need
It’s getting harder and harder to find someone who believes
Who can see girl, who can still feel baby, don’t let it ever be me

It gets so quiet in the morning
I don’t wanna be
You’ve got to have some faith in someone but they lied to me
You make more money baby by lying down
But I ain’t lying down for no one
They’re cannibals and clowns
As the things we want come closer
I feel the things we need slipping away
Don’t ever let me forget girl
What it took to get here today

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