Say It Loud Harmonica tabs

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Well, maybe tomorrow we’ll forget about this year,
And all the things you wish you could change.
Show me some kindness in the midst of the hardships,
Cause things should never be this way.

Say it loud. Say it loud and clear.
Forget about. Forget about last year.

Stop wishing it were backwards it is now or never.
Stop wasting all the time we could have spent together.
Wishing you would come back here.
Times were better last year.

And all of your reasons, they change with the seasons.
Day by day they’re not the same.
And if you would measure all the times that we’ve treasured,
You would see how my heart breaks.

Twenty-hour drive through the Rocky Mountains.
Won’t be stopping now ’cause you know we’re rocking.
Tell me, what has happened?
The stereo’s stuck with the jukebox jammin’.

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