Say Man, Back Again Harmonica tabs

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Say man.
What’s that boy?
I want to tell you about your girlfriend,
What about my girl?
You’re not strong enough to take the message,
I’m strong enough.
I might hurt your feelings.
My feelings already hurt by bein’ here with you.
Well, I was walking down the street with your girl the other day.
And the wind was blowin’ real hard.
Is that right?
And the wind blew her hair into my face.
Hee-hee, you know what else happened?
What happened?
The wind blew her hair into her face.
And we went a little further; you want to hear the rest of it?
I might as well

The wind blew her hair into the street.
Hey, since you told me about my girl I’m gonna tell you about yours.
I was walking down the street with your girl.
I took her home; for a drink, you know.
To the home?
Yeah, just for a drink.

But that chick looked so ugly she had to sneak up on a glass to get her a drink of water.
Hah-hah-hah-hah, well, you’ve got the nerve to call somebody ugly.
Why you’re so ugly anyone who stops and talks to you in the world ought to be arrested,
That’s alright, my mama didn’t have to put a sheet over my head so sleep could slip up on me.

Hey, looky here.
What’s that?
Where you from?
South America.
What’s that?
South America.
You don’t look like no South American to me.
I’m still from South America.
What part?
South Texas.
Hah-hah-hah. Where your western boots at?
I’ve got â??em on.
Them ain’t no boots you got on, they’re broke in.

Hey, looky here.
What’s that?
I’ve been trying to figure out what you is
I already figured out what you is.
What’s that?
You that thing I throw peanuts at.
Hey, looky here.
What’s that?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Calling people ugly,
I didn’t calling you ugly.
What’d you say?
I said you was ruined that’s all.
Oh, man. You know somethin’?
You look like you been whupped with an ugly stick,
Man, I ain’t got nothin’ to do with this but
I believe you’re tellin’ right,

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