School’s Out Harmonica tabs

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Class, now I would like to draw your full attention
To the impact that organic chemistry will have on your everyday life
Excuse me, Daphne and Celeste would you please pay attention?
Wake up, ah, I’m sorry

Sittin’ in the class is a pain in the neck
How’s about me takin’ a three-year rain check
Gonna do what I want don’t want to graduate
Gonna take a break from everything that I hate

Hey there Teach I’m talking to you
You can’t tell me what to do!
School’s out for summer
School’s out forever
School’s blown to pieces

Head strain ? brain drain
School is such a pain
No tears ? all cheer
We want out of here

Don’t care ?bout no popularity crown
The prom king an’ queen are
Just a couple of clowns
We can read ? and we can write

What we need to know is where’s the party tonight
Hey there Teach?
School’s out for summer?
No more pencils, no more books
No more teachers, dirty looks

Out for summer, out till’ fall
We might not go back at all
School’s out for summer?
School’s out for summer!

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