Shockwave Rider Harmonica tabs

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I’m the one on whom this life can’t make too much impact
Resurrection City with the August heat and I’m laid out on my back
Some crouching low in abandoned rows and some got to run a machine
And there are some that will die when they realize that the force is the Nazarene

[He’s waitin’ on a star, waitin’ on a phone call
Said it’s time for the phone to ring
Doubtin’ the star, time’s just slippin’ away]

Pulled in on empty, exit 22
The gas station was blocked off with burned out cars and I didn’t know what to do
The gas station was on the tribal lands, operating tax exempt
Now the owners refused to give the chief his due so the tribe got a little upset
So anyways, about a quarter mile, I notice an Exxon sign
I filled my tank, told the cashier “thanks,” and I moved on down the line.

[Telephone rang, made his day
Don’t worry if I’m not here, just hold out tonight
And let time do it’s thang]

Shockwave Rider

I received a message, I knew it was from f*ck Ching
The waxen seal clearly had been stamped by his gold medallion ring
I could not read the letter through the tears that filled my eyes
And then I knew if I tried to run, I never never could survive.

[I thought Lethal Weapon was safe

Have you heard about the Miami Boys, a buncha kids I used to see
When I lived up on Belmont Street tryin’ to get high for free
The Miami Boys were just 8 years old back in ’91
I remember one dope-sick afternoon when me and Matt sold them a gun
They asked “Does it got any bodies on it?”, and I said “What the f*ck is that?”
Man I still don’t remember how much money we got, but I know we spent it fast

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