Show Me You’re a Woman Harmonica tabs

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I hurt your feelings when I said you’re kinda green
Of an age that’s in between and you don’t know what love mear
You think you love me maybe love has made you blind
‘Cause you’re full new emotions of a young and foolish kind.

Show me you’re a woman
‘Cause a woman has the kind of a love I’m a-needin’
Show me you’re a woman and I’ll show you that I’m a man
Just give me what I’m after
It’s a smile and the sound of your girlish laughter
When you are a woman
I’m your man.

Don’t try to fool me ”cause I know about your age
And it’s written on a page of the memories that I’ve saved.
I know you’re only trying hard to do what’s right
But you’re young and so you might have to wait for Cupid’s bite.

Show me you’re a woman . .

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