Silver City Harmonica tabs

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One day I went and left my home out in the West
Said I was headed for the Silver City
All along the line, I was dreaming all the time
Dreaming of the shining Silver City

I kissed my love goodbye, said “Honey don’t you cry”
For I’m going to the Silver City
If you could read my mind, you’d know that I’ll be fine
Soon as I do my time in the Silver City

Two weeks and a day, I slowly made my way
To the gates of the Silver City
Finally one night, I saw the flaming lights
I had made it to the Silver City

I honestly believed that I would be received
With the golden key to the Silver City
But my first night on the town, bandits knocked me down
They welcomed me to the Silver City

“Musta’ been a freak mistake” I said as I did wake
In the gutter of the Silver City
With a throbbing head, I begged for my bread
Half-smiling as I bled in the Silver City

Oh, how can there ever be such misery in the streets?
How can it ever be in the Silver City?
But soon enough I saw how easy it was to fall
And not be seen at all in the Silver City

Got caught for a crime I done, policeman said “Son”
“Don’t you try to run in the Silver City”
He locked me in his jail, no one to go my bail
Oh, when can I sail away from the Silver City?

Now the moon cries through the bars, my love shines in the stars
I’m glad that she is far from the Silver City
If she could read my mind she’d know that I’ll be fine
Soon as I do my time in the Silver City
Judge said five to nine in the Silver City

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