Simple Life Harmonica tabs

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You’re making lists today
Of all the things you haven’t done yet
You’re driving everyone crazy
Are you having any fun yet?

Mother says you ought to get married
Shrink says here’s a little blue pill
Too young for your mid-life crisis
Mirror says you’re over the hill

There’s nothing wrong with you
The simple life gets complicated
There’s nothing you can do
Just enjoy the view be glad you made it

You’re making resolutions
And it isn’t even New Year’s
You could try a new religion
You could wait until the dust clears

Friends say you’re way too choosy
Shrink says see you next week
Guru says control your breathing
You’re afraid you might have peaked


‘Cause things could be better
‘Cause things could be worse
‘Cause life can be charmed and cursed
There’s fast, slow, and stall, no reverse

[Chorus: x2]

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