Since I Told You It’s Over Harmonica tabs

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Black and blue from the wind and the rain
Said I’m sorry for the lies and the pain
I never ever meant to make you cry
If I could take it back, you know, I would
I want to burn up and die

So take a look at me now
Since I told you it’s over
You got a hole in your heart
I’ll find a four leaf clover
You can’t tell me this now
This far down the line
That you’re never, ever gonna get over me

You’ve seen a cross, it’s a cross I bear
You’re drinking, hard up, living without a hope or a care
You’re making do to please, see what makes you smile
You’re not around for long, you gotta see what’s gonna move your life right along


I’m lost
I’m cold
I’m getting old
My head is filled with lies I told

I’ve been down
I’ve been around
But I’ve fallen on my own two feet
And I’ve left you out to drown
I never meant for that

I look around, sometimes I stare
I think back now and then, I hope you know I care
I walked away that day, trying to treat you right
But you were on your track, it was me turning back,
I left you freezing outside


Never get over me
Never get over me
Never get over me

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