Small Town Bringdown Harmonica tabs

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Been to Reno
Drives an El Camino
Can you dig that style?

Hip canteen
You always make the scene
You’re a crazy child

It’s a sad thing
Bourbons all around
To stop that feeling when you’re living
In a small town

You’re long and lean
But things don’t get you down
You’re a top ten kingpin in the borders
Of you’re hometown

You can’t get hip
You work the jobs I’ve quit
Can you dig that style?

Won’t admit
You just don’t give a shit
You’re a crazy child

Can’t live to die – too easy
Why stick around
Not another small town hometown bringdown

This is it
You might as well get pissed
Can you dig that style?

Make your trip
There ain’t that much to miss
You’re a crazy child

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