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Unusual suspect (unusual suspect)
But I know these niggas (but I know these niggas).
Jim Johnson, Big D (Jim Johnson and Big D).
Ah dis Trina and Plies Slip and Slide thing, I’m in here wit the Baddest Bitch.
Ah Trina take care these hoes, cause I got these niggas.

[Chorus: Trina]
My steering wheel wood, and my wheels chrome.
Can’t pay these niggas to leave me alone.
I’m so fresh, I’m so fresh.

I gotta pocket full of money and my teeth glitter.
Sum bout been a trill ass nigga.
I’m so fresh.
I’m so fresh.

Paint candy racin’ cribs.
Crush them bitches off the rip.
I don’t think you really wanna mess with me, test me and eventually.
See me speedin’, cops don’t see em’, f*ck em’ & feed em’ wouldn’t wanna be em’.
I ain’t scared of ya’ll,
I ain’t no regular broad I ain’t scared at all.
Like bone crusher I’ll crush your bones when I come through strong with my big big bone.
Ride spinners like 3-6 do. Let me do me nigga you do you.
Suck this clit till my shit turn blue.
Put a bitch to sleep wake me up when you threw.
I’ma get dress so fresh lookin’ new and it’s back to the Chevy or the cab for you.
Chuck and Duece switchin’ lanes.
Ridin’ thdat douk and sittin’ on things.
You ain’t never met a bitch like me and your bitch ain’t never ride a dick like me.
Check the paint, watch the feet, inches 26’s deep, candy drippin’ on the street, bitch I’m ridin,


Ain’t too many niggas like me. I’m from a rare breed.
I walk it like I talk.
Was raise by a G.
You ain’t suppose to like me dog, cause I’m what you wanna be.
From top to bottom being trill that’s something that’s in me.
It’s a helluva feelin to know that you 100% a real nigga.
I been out here gettin’ money, since I was a lil’ nigga.
I’m loved by these hoes, respected by these killers,
it took years of thuggin’ to get to this point nigga.
I don’t know if you know how it feels to walk around with stacks.
I been broke, came up and I ain’t going back.
Cause money get you friends, choppers get you respect.
Respect out here in these streets, I got a lot of that.


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