Stampede Harmonica tabs

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There’s just one word I don’t want to hear
When I heard it called it cost a friend quite dear
I can hear it echo as though it were now
When I was a chasin’ of the long horned cow

Stampede they’re comin’ up to draw
Stampede three thousand herd or more
Here they come a smokin’ fire boys you better earn your hire
Stampede and hell to score

Now Frank he was my partner he rode point upon my heart
We drank and fought and partnered back to back at troubles start
We heard the call on evening in the thunder and the black
When the lightnin’ hit the leaders and the devil led the pack

Stampede they’re comin’ up to draw…

Our horses they were handy for we had just rode in
We went from drinkin’ coffee to thinkin’ of our sins
There wasn’t time for prayin’ there was hardly time to cuss
It was a smokin’ roarin’ rattle and the leaders were on us

Stampede they’re comin’ up to draw

Old Frank’s foot it missed the stirrup and his hand it missed the horn
And as the cattle crossed him from his body life was torn
I was mounted and a ridin’ when I heard his final yell
Said hey Johnny head the wild bunch and do the ladies well

Stampede they’re comin’ up to draw

No I ain’t got no partner cause old Frank’s done dead and gone
But just so he’d be remembered Peter put him in this song
Some admire headstones but I think he’d like this best
He weren’t fancy in his livin’ so he ain’t fancy in his rest

Stampede they’re comin’ up to draw

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