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You had a blank stare- there in your easy chair
You watch as things get out of hand
But now your eyes blink and you begin to think
Of what could happen if you stand
You think about the ground you might have lost in this round
Your eyes are open to the things that had you bound
And then you rise up from your sleep and put your foot down
You take one final grasp of air before you drown and take a

Stand – having done all this
Stand – with emphasis
Stand – no analysis
Even when you don’t understand
Put your armor on
Stand on the foundation
Stand – rely upon
The strength that has always been there

And now you stand firm- but not on your own terms
We have no power all alone
But you can feel safe there with your shield of faith
The inner strength in you has grown
And when you draw your sword the enemy is fair game
Were more than conquerors in Jesus name so take a

Stand all alone if there’s no one around you
Stand on your own
Stand through the night – wait for the morning to bring you the strength
To finish the fight

Stand up tall- Stand or fall
Stand your ground – Don’t stand down
Stand connected – Stand corrected
Stand in faith – Stand elected

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