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Stand up, everybody
Stand up
I think it’s time to stand up
And identify yourself
Stand up, and identify yourself

What’s your name, what’s the nature
Of the game, who you are
How far you come, where have you been

Stand up, you’ve been promised just one day
And that’s today
Stand up, no sense in sleeping your life away

Where you going, what’s your plan
If you a loser or a winning man
Tell me now, I wanna know
You’ve got to let the glory show

Stand up, everybody
Stand up right now
Stand up, tomorrow’s about to come
Are you ready
Stand up, today’s got you on the run

Keep a stand, don’t fall down on your face
And let someone take your place
‘Cause you oughta know, you can do it
Tell me that there’s nothing to it

Where you going, do you know
Did you’re friends tell you so
Can you make it by yourself
With the strength that you have left

Why don’t you give me a hand
I’ll try my best to understand
I don’t know about goodbye
But nothing fails but a try

Stand up, everybody
Why don’t ya
Stand up everybody
If you wanna help somebody
Stand up

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