Street Talkin’ Harmonica tabs

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[Featuring OutKast]

Chorus: Slick Rick

Don’t try to claim things I haven’t earned honest man

Slick Rick and OutKast is on this jam

What kid? Diamond on the 2 2 grand

Trying to help raise all youth to man

Slick the Ruler Rick his space to slam

Help clean up this land

The reputation of this man

Withhold and withstand

Verse One: Slick Rick

OutKast and Slick the answer is in it

Hon you need to get your ass on the dancefloor this minute

We bruise stuff, knock you out shoes, socks

Show your ass, move your f*ck out, we’re mad smoove snots

La-Di-Da-Di, mmmmm we like to party

Don’t make me get money and platinumize my body

With bright stuff, known to earn a dyke’s love

Blind folks be like, “Somebody turned the lights off”

Immense rep, poppin out a muffin

Make famous artists that’s dead hop out a coffin

At the real estate, behavin type choosy

Want a palace with the shit beige and light blue please

Got the kid like “watch your melon”

Since I came out of jail, it’s like the planet gone bananas

Lack of strength a badder fella had

Lady lookin at me all stink, I had to tell her that


Verse Two: Big Boi

Uhh, I went from _Player’s Ball_ to bulldoggin

From bulldoggin to bowhoggin

Now bowhoggin and pimpwalkin

That strictly fresh and street talkin

And we all last like that there

Ruin them all up like cat hair

We never fall off like hat wear

We some of the dopest MC’s out there

Now eat that, OutKast and Ricky D, bitch can you beat that?

Remember the time I laid them down ?? ?? times I see that

Just to sport a rhyme and break in new patterns like ??

Shuckin and jivin was never the style

I’m gon’ keep on ? this line

Spittin that King Shit, you cling shit

A tailor and a seamstress

New gators for you haters and the penis for all you beatches

Like an addiction cause I need it, hip-hop is that I be that

Like a junkie showin your monkey, cause I sho’ nuff like to beat it

Might just eat it just to skeet it, fold you up like you was pleated

Like some slacks and, relaxin, be strollin like some cats then

I got a, baby daughter, and I feed her with this rappin

Not trappin, be -boy, but rappin, huh


Verse Three: Slick Rick

Seems everybody’s open off the grammar

The white fox pink velvet suit, white cabana

Listen baby girl, genius Rick ta..

dreamboat wish, you shoulda been clicked picture

(Check her out) I don’t know what you’re tryin to figure out

Down South, barbecue ribs fly out a nigga mouth

And touchin me The Chosen, for such a will opposin

Me and Big Boi tryin to give our children clothing

Smokin love – do we provide dope enough?

Even people UNBORN KID wide open off

the enginin I’m sendin in

Even make construction workers start actin kind of feminine

(Hi!!) 10%’ll blast this hit from me and Big Boi

who represent the OutKast click

A jealous cat, lack of strength a badder fella had

Lady lookin at me all stink, had to tell her that


Slick Rick and OutKast is on this jam..

Tryin to help raise all youth to man..

Slick the Ruler Rick his space to slam..

The reputation of this man..

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