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This hell raisin’ angels had a fair share of heartache
Tears falling tangled into looks that will tell
But you’ll never know just how it feels
Till you fall apart and your heart don’t wanna heal

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger
What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger
I’ll hold on a little longer
What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger

Sweet baby sister held the world upon her shoulders
She had a spirit like a twister this life could not hold her
Always wonder round so fast down a track headin’ nowhere
She was cool until the train crashed and she died trying to get there


I wanna crawl in that dark hole and curl up beside her
Wanna cradle her sweet soul and never let go
Now there’s rest for the weary and there’s peace in the light
There’s grace in forgiveness for angels in flight

[Chorus: x2]

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