Sunny Disposition Harmonica tabs

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She had a sunny disposition
He had a cloud that never went away
She woke up singing almost every day
It turned him all around
And brought him in from the pouring rain

She had a sunny way of talking
And when she finished she’d always smile
It wasn’t flashy but she had style
She touched him so profound
That he was never to be the same

First she had him walking
Then he’d be talking
Walking and talking
And soon he’d be laughing out loud

Never would believe it
If you couldn’t see it
She came to be someone that he could not be without

They made a sunny combination
You wouldn’t think so but it was true
They heard a voice coming from the blue
True love was calling out
And it was calling them both by name

Started with a whisper
Pretty soon he kissed her
That’s when that whisper
Turn into a mighty roar

More than just affection
Made a real connection
That’s when he knew she was what he was missing before

She gave him plenty inspiration
And every song he wrote from then til now
Had something about it explaining how
She turned his life around

Before her sunny disposition
He didn’t know where he was going
She had a funny way of knowing
And knowing felt so right
When she became his wife
She brought her disposition

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