T.I. vs. T.I.P. Harmonica tabs

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[Rap Verse: T.I. + (T.I.P. alter ego)]
I wanna talk to you shawty (Why?)’Cause you be trippin’ sometimes
(Man I’m just trying stay true to what I say in my rhymes)
It ain’t a doubt in my mind, but you got a lot on the line
You need to think ’bout yo’ actions (Why?)
You be overreacting (Man)
Look at Cap and K.T. listen to K.P.
(What about ’em; where the f*ck this shit come from?)
Or to a J.G. to your mama or D.P
Or somebody shawty shit you be makin’ me sick (Nigga f*ck you!)
You’d be a motherfuckin’ fool if you blow this lick (Alright alright)
This the chance of a lifetime, you know this shit
Remember what Jarmel told us “stay focused Tip” (I remember nigga)
(Man but they be tryin’ me shawty)
Niggas be tryin’ you how?
Hey let them tell it, you was just another guy in the crowd
(Naw, but they be talkin’ too loud)
Man you be listenin’ too hard
Just pay these niggas no attention and keep fuckin’ they broads (Alright)
I know you harder than these niggas (Yeah) and smarter than these niggas (Yeah)
More heart than these niggas (Yeah)
Quit worryin’ ’bout thses niggas
(Hey man f*ck these niggas I’m from Bankhead and I don’t know where you stayed at)
(But talkin’ sideways behind my back, I never played that)
(Since you become a payed cat T.I. you been so laid back)
(I wonder where lil’ bad ass Tip from back in the day at)
Man that nigga had to stay back there so we could be that
Nigga on TV and FYI we got the P back
Hold up shawty freeze Jack (What?)
“Lame” I’ll never be that (Yeah OK)
Changed my name a thousand times and still a G believe that
(Oh yeah good we go Ki’s)
(That nigga from overseas back)
You see what I be sayin’ ’bout this nigga (What man? Shit)
I don’t believe that
You ain’t listenin’ is ya?
You got issues I got kids, 2 boys a lil’ girl
(Hey I know nigga they my kids too)
You know it’s one false move and it’s back to the big house
The judge told our ass “one more time” and we ain’t gettin’ out
(I wouldn’t say that)
Be thinkin’ ’bout standin’ outside in the sunshine (Ho)
Watchin’ nigga’s heads get buck for cuttin’ the lunch line
Hey shawty you ain’t ‘posed to make the same mistake more than one time
(And I ain’t made the same mistake twice since uh ’99)
Please, boy stop don’t get me started folk it’s not the time
And let’s just do this shit my way get paid and have a lot of time
Plenty fine bitches, who gon’ pull shawty you is?
(Man you know Tip got the hoes)
And Tip hoes got gold teeth (What that mean? What you tryna say nigga?)
Mine got jobs, good credit and they own features
(And mine boost clothes, sell ‘dro, got the blow cheap)
(I guess it’s just depend on what ya like folk) That’s right folk
(And I was just kiddin’ ’bout them kites folk) Heh, alright folk
(I’m really glad we had a chance to sit it down and rap a tad)
(I admit you had a couple points, sometimes I act a ass)
Hey but it is so important to keep it real though just like ya said
No record deal, no amount of mil’ shall go to my head
(And with that said can’t nobody tell us shit, so f*ck the hatin’)
How many niggaz real enough to stand and give theyself a straightenin’?

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