Taking a Chance on Love Harmonica tabs

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I wanted to give her my heart
But as the doctor observed
What could she do with it
Then when she said we must part
Albeit for only an hour
Couldn’t go through with it

I was unhappy until she came along
Suddenly problems
That seems insurmountable
Left in a huff
You can be sure
When you know you’re
Taking a chance on love

What would you do if like me
You had the girl of your dreams
Only you blew it
How do you think you would feel
Looking back and saying to yourself
That was so stupid

I don’t know what makes
The perfect romance
Could be as simple as tickling her toes
When you’re both in the tub
You’ll never lose
Not when you choose
Taking a chance on love

When will you find it
Will it be true
What is the answer
I wish that I knew
Somebody’s partner
Whose wife is a friend
Illustrates just what I mean

I was so set in my ways
Had someone followed me home
They couldn’t beat me there
Never believed in the phrase
That you haven’t lived till you’ve love
Oh, I didn’t seem to care

Call me old fashioned but I still aspire
Standing with her
In a church full of people
A priest up above
Saying I do
Her saying it, too
Taking a chance on love

No one can tell you it isn’t a game
Taking a chance on love
You win some you loose some
It’s never the same
Taking a chance on love
Umm, love

Well, even if wrong
Oh, I still go on
Taking a chance on love
Taking a chance on love
Taking a chance on love oh

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