Ten Hut Harmonica tabs

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D-Block, Ten Hut (Shoot!)
My Street Niggaz are you ready
Less more!

I’m a ryder clap off hop in a divider {Lets go}
Keep the car in neutral let it roll back {Arrghgh}
Big A.K. tied to the ski rack, brick a 100 pack {yeah}
Sold off sheet rock, 2 gunz up bitch that’s D-Block

My flow pretty like a peacock {haha}
My nigga locked up, but yea they still on P cock {All Day}
To dangerous, me and my nigga Kiss {What up Jada}
Shine more than the stones on babies wrist {Whoo}

The fifth jump like double dutch in the hood
I’m bout to blow f*ck knockin on wood {Yeah}
‘Cause if I don’t Ima knock on the glass of your 600 {What}
None of why’all want it {Nah}

And I don’t mean track and field
When I ask you to run it {Come on}
I’m nice as f*ck I love to buck
Tuck it in before your ass get stucked motherfuckers

Fall in, Fall in {Men Lining up}
Aim Fire [Gun Shot]

Don’t ever ask me about what’s his name f*ck him he whack {Thats right}
Should wear a condom in the booth because I be fuckin the track {HaHa}
Not be in the hood a lot so I be ducking the rats {uh huh}
The white tee is 4x cause I be tucking my gat {Thats right}

Take my shit off and knuckle up its nothing with scraps {uh huh}
That’s how it usually happen to a nigga who front and get clapped {uh huh}
Louch and Kiss why’all niggaz don’t nothing with that {Nothing}
P probably working out doing stomach and back {Money baby}

One in your chest the other 16 in your hat {uh huh}
Left pherencis trying to figure out the meaning to that {Yeah}
They robbed you before so you know what it meaned to get yaked {faggot}
And you a bitch so you know what it mean to get slapped

We can shoot it out everyday an hour of slugs {Slugs}
I’m in the coop knockin to Luther the power of love {Ha}
Nigga you can feel the heat for yourself {uh huh}
And you can hate all you want
But the music gonna speak for itself, What


[Gun Shots] Hold fire, Hold fire
Started running, Starting retreating
F*ck it fire again

Leave niggaz broken up oxem down wait for them to yell
And see they skin open up {Whoo}
A nice guy but I’m evil and I hurt you {yeah}
Anybody that you ever seen me would of merked you {uh huh}

And I get my money off the diesel and the purple
‘Cause these industry niggaz would easily desert you {For real}
Feels good to talk with my nigga {No doubt}
D-Block you know what time it is {All day}
Baby walk witt my nigga

Stop talkin’ lil’ niggaz for why’all ass get stomped {haha}
Yeah we manz and all that but why’all really our comp {yeah}
And I’m on my A game was on be too long
Stepped it up 16s crazy strong {Louch}

Every hood bump Sheek now {Yeah}
In the house, in the whip, in the summer
Head better with the top down {Whoo}
We can get it on {Get it on}

Or we can let it off {Let it off}
After doing it in the yard up north, Bitch

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