The New York Shuffle Harmonica tabs

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All right, let’s do the New York Shuffle (over D)
Manhattan baby with a sing song voice
She got her place in the human zoo
I went to living on the boulevard

Now that the revolution’s due
She said I’ve been around from town to town
And I learned to love and hate
But time don’t change not a unique game,
They just keep herding through that gate

And do the New York shuffle, baby New York scuffle,
Going to stay awake all night
Do the New York shuffle, baby New York scuffle,
Get yourself uptight, get uptight

Stick around kids you’re going to see some action
better shoot them in the street
Grab a gun before the police come,
Don’t tell me you’re too sweet

Down in the alley they are hitting harder
Not as blown as a ball can be
They’re burnin flags here and just in drag here
It sure is a sight to see


Mister Mayor give the key, let me lock you up
Throw that key down the deepest subway in New York, New York

Ah primal scream I had electric dream
I had to

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