The Oliver Twist Manifesto Harmonica tabs

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Yeah? What do you want?
Who the f*ck do you think you are? You never fucking stop
Always wanting something for nothing
OK. I’ll give you want you want I’ll give you information
All these songs about Christ, spooks and personal vendettas
Organ donations, there’s a mini operetta

Are people gonna say you’ve gone off your rocker
Well, I’m the brightest thing on the roster
And I sleep well when I turn out the light
I’m like an off-duty comedian at the end of a bad night
Easy to like admire, difficult to love
You’ve gotta believe me when I say I never wanted to be liked
And I defy the curfew

A sense of humour is the most overrated virtue
Get off your knees you grovelling bastards
This is Oliver twist pissing over Britannia
200 years of Tin Pan Alley
I learned good from a king thief mentor
Newgate, Broadstreet, Langdales Distillery

Papist threats and no popery
It’s a beautiful night again
So paint the wall white again
Brutality for the kids
Oliver Twist
There was this gang who I used to run with
Ragamuffins, urchin scum, spivs

Looking good comes in handy
When you’re dipping in the pockets of a dandy
And there’s treason in the air, it’s just a leap of faith
There’s murder in the air at Rillington Place
A Christie lives in Soho
This is the Oliver Twist Manifesto
Totality for the kids

Oliver Twist
I’m operating now under four different names
I can use anyone of them, anytime again
And I’ve never been one to hold a grudge
Twists has turned vicious
What if all the malevolent cripples
The Raspberry ripples

Are just putting it on?
And they’re the brightest of all of the people
Oliver Twist, vaudeville Spook mentalist
Disappear into a pea souper
Swooping down on your back
Coming out of a cold snap
Into a pea souper

A cartarista
It was meant to be great
But it’s gone wrong again
It’s a beautiful night
So paint the wall white again
Get of your knees
”cause Christie lives
It’s a beautiful night for Treason
Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist

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