The Shocker Harmonica tabs

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Wassup, wassup?
Straight up muthafuckin’ gangsta (muthafuckin’ gangsta)
5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Bitch I’m’a killa for reala
that’s no joke
slide nigga either fast or slow
I gotsta pop
nigga don’t stop
’cause one of us gotsta go
muthafuckas be trippin’
I’m from these streets where the mission is to die
Preparin’ like I was to die
Down South, West Coast niggas two sides
You bitches be tryna’ fade me
But ain’t nothin’ promised
Yah can’t play me
You best be quick for talkin’ that shit
That I’m’a gets that 380
I’m all up in yo’ grill
Time tah chill
Pay my bills
Gotta stay real
Tru 2 da game
in fact
niggas gonna lay back, flat
’cause I ain’t the nigga ta f*ck with
So you niggas need tah step the f*ck off
Before I leave ya’ll niggas in a bag
Talkin’ that trash, you get hauled off in a black truck
Nigga back up, stacks up
When I blast I’m never gonna miss
Nigga hollow tips in yo’ shit
Bitch wassup
nigga now
lay the f*ck down
what now it’s my block
co’ shop down
nigga top down
drop now
nigga what’s now
where’s the pop now
Wassup baby gotta play me
Grab the 380
nigga been shady
Even lately gotta watch his back
’cause he stacks
’cause them niggas be trippin’ on gats where I’m at
Strapped with a infrared pump
I’m not Kris Kross but I make em jump
nigga front and turn
watch them bustas and they click run

[chorus x2]

Bitch I’m a killa
For real (The Shocker)
That’s no joke
Strapped with a fo’ fo’
ain’t nothin changed since I done wen’t solo (The Shocker)

1,2,3 you know Silkk a G
I know this dope game like I know my abc’s


Bitch I be quick to leave a nigga lookin’ like a cotex
Nigga cocked like I ain’t had no sex
And I be on time like a rolex
You can put me in a room with 10 of the best of ’em
I’d be the man in yo’ face
So f*ck the rest of them
I’m the best of ’em
Ya bitch be trippin’ but ya’ll nigga don’t scare

[Big Ed]

Yo man Silkk these niggas ain’t ready yet


I know
that’s why I’m giving them a chance
So they can prepare themselves
I be the man
Ya’ll niggas be trippin’
And ya’ll niggas be frontin’ black
You think this the shit my nigga
Ya’ll niggas ain’t here nuttin’ yet
’cause look deep into the eyes of a niggas stuff
I gives a f*ck
F*ck You UP!
Nigga be hatin’
So proud that they don’t want to fuckin’ fight
’cause I done fucked his woman
and now all her girls have been fuckin’ light

[Master P]

what’s yo’ name homie? (SILKK)
What you came here to do? (SHOCK THE WORLD)

[Chorus x3]

[Master P]

It’s time to flip a script
and turn a half into a million
and turn a hoe
into a zillion
my game be tight like the bulls
and after my shows there ain’t NO LIMIT to the hoes I can pull
Girls be sweatin’ me like I’m’a bandana
My lyrics so gangsta the police keep them on the radar scanner
But I be tight like the Titanic
while ya’ll suckas sellin’ wammys
we on our way to the Grammys
3rd ward brothers that came up
Keep my name out yo’ mouth
like Messy Marvin I’m gonna wipe you up
And yo’ game better be tight
’cause ain’t no luv where I’m from from morning to night
Fools be bout it they be rowdy
Still puttin’ money in the bank like Uncle Sam
And taxin’ fools, dead
All ya’ll suckas on the block are tryna stop me
Can’t fade me
And me and Silkk be livin’ large
Sippin’ on mo wet but strapped with the plastic toys
Down South we be hustlin’
Settin’ the line behind bustas that we ain’t trustin
Ya’ll better wake up and smell the aroma
’cause we doin this from Down South to California

[chorus x4]

[Master P]

The Shocker, haha
Ain’t nothin’ change with No Limit
Straight up Ice Cream
We got some mo ice cream fo’ ya’ll

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