Things in the Game Done Changed Harmonica tabs

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Well, well, well
Alright yeah, said things
Good God almighty now

Now I done saying with the best damn thang
With the best of them in my life off the chain
With the best of them ain’t none
The rest of them know let you know
(Things in the game done changed)

Well, I hope for a better life, I hope I can make it right
Mama prayed that one day I’d see the light
I was death for a while I’m much better now
(Things in the game done changed)

(Everybody saying to me)
It’s a beautiful day to be alive
I hope you feel the same
(Said, I hope you feel the same)
When and out can adjust, it’s a must so
Things in the game done changed

Quite a few of schools of my life
And ain’t looking back
(Said ain’t looking back now)
Good fellows, forever, paper chasing together
(Things in the game done changed)

If you with me say, yeah, can you feel me, yeah
Are all my ghetto people with me, yeah
It’s better now, yeah, forever now, yeah

Things in the game

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