Tough Harmonica tabs

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I don’t want a lot,I want just enough
So why has it got to be so damn TOUGH

Livin’ on the uptown side of jive
Hustlin’ a buck to stay alive
Lookin’ for a ten and they give your five
Well it’s tough
You talk to the boss,the boss is gruff
You ask for a raise and they call your bluff
You may get some,but it’s never enough
Because it’s tough

STRONG:Like a magnum force
ROUGH:Like a new divorce
MEAN:Like a three-time loser
BAD:Like an L.A. cruiser
DOWN:Like a limousine
BLIND:Like a submarine
HARD:Like cold concrete
TOUGH:That’s the rhythm of the beat

You hit the street and you look for work
You don’t want to be some welfare jerk
But I wonder how you get to be Captain Kirk
It’s tough
Now Kirk has a ship called the Enterprise
He cuts the aliens down to size
But I wonder what he’d do with the uptown guys
They’re tough

Try to get some cash
When you’re looking for a raise and they give you trash

When you got it like that
And your woman’s running ’round with a baseball bat

Try to play it cool when the girl’s all know you’re an out of work fool

How it seems to be,wish I had somebody lookin’ out for me

Try to find a lover if you dare
Even if you do she just won’t care
Well no one ever said that that life is fair
Because it’s tough
Saw a fine young lady the other day
I started my rap,I had a lot to say
But she said she was goin’ with a C.P.A.
Now it’s tough

STRONG:Like a superhero
ROUGH:Like a bank book zero
MEAN:Like the Oakland Raiders
BAD:Like the Caped Crusaders
DOWN:Like a homerun ball
BLIND:Like an umpire’s call
HARD:Like a cruel deceit
TOUGH:That’s the rhythm of the beat

You worked all year to buy a brand new car
A Coupe de Ville or a Jaguar
But you didn’t make enough for a good cigar
Because it’s tough
So you went to the bank to try to get a loan
But the guy behind the desk had a heart os stone
He said “You don’t need a car,use the telephone!”
It’s tough

It’s a way of life,lost your job
Your money,but not your wife

Gettin’ in the black,Uncle Sam’s in your pocket
And your woman’s on your back

That’s the deal,had to get a loan just to buy a meal

That’s how it goes,when it’s gettin’ better,nobody knows

STRONG:Like Chocolate Thunder
ROUGH:Like Stevie Wonder
MEAN:Like Brucie The Shark
BAD:Like the Raider’s Ark
DOWN:Like Sugar’s Glove
BLIND:Like a man in love
HARD:Like a big defeat
TOUGH:That’s the rhythm of the beat

TOUGH:That’s the word,unemployment is all I heard
ROUGH:When you start your day,watch the finance man tow your car away
HARD:To hold a job when you’ve been replaced by a little blue knob
TOUGH:Like a dollar steak,ain’t someone ever gonna give me a break


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