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When I first saw you baby, I wanted to die
Me and those dreamin eyes of mine started to cry
Then I’d dream, wishing my fantasy, would soon become reality
Cause every time I see you baby, all I do is sigh
Cause you’re the most precious thing
That my dreamin’ eyes have ever seen
So I’ll continue to dream
Me and those dreaming eyes of mine

Is it just that you’re the finest little thing
That I ever saw, or is my imagination running to far
Or is it that my eyes are telling me something you could never see
Something like me being with you ,or you being with me

Ooh we…baby, you’ve redefined my vision of love it seems
Your love be da cherry in my chocalate covered dreams
So it seems, my oh my,
Me and those dreaming eyes of mine

[2nd verse]
Oh my goodness, here she comes, switching that ass
I wondered if the men in her past have treated her bad
But if I had the chance, I’d treat her like a queen
Just like I do in all of my dreams
If you only knew how many times that I think of you
I’m quite sure that you will find, I’m going out of my mind
My oh, my, me and those dreaming eyes of mine.

[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

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