Video Idol Harmonica tabs

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I hear a knock on my door
I hear the telephone ring
I’m just ignoring all those things
But I can’t break away
My eyes are glued to my TV
You’re up there making love to me

I fell in love with you
I had to have you every night upon my TV screen
I’m watching your love scenes
I never want this love to end

I rent your tape again and again
Video idol
Every night I escape with your video tape
You’re my video idol
When I watch you tonight
Everything will be right
You’re my video idol (video idol)
Now there’s nobody else
I’ve got you to myself

You’re my video idol
My TV comes to life
When you come on the screen
I keep on watching though
Tonight when all my work is through
I know I’m living in a dream

I’ll have my fantasy with you

Maybe someday I’m gonna meet you
(Repeat chorus)
And then our loving will be for real
About how good
But till then I’ll have to pretend

How good it would feel (Hey!)
(Repeat chorus)
Video idol (Whoooooo

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