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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Wait a minute let me understand

While I’m a-sittin’ here holdin’ your hand

Your tellin’ me about the boy next door
Tellin’ me that he can offer you more
What a nerve!
What a case!

Wait just a minute
You know that won’t get it
Wock-a-doo wock-a-doo
If that’s the way your love will be,
You might as well forget it
Wock-a-doo, wock-a-doo, wha

Am I correct in hearin’ what you say,
That you would rather be with him instead
You said that you could travel with him far
You say he’s got a brand new cadillac car
Well, what you mean?
Is that so!?!
Better let that woman go!


I don’t go for all the crazy noise
About you datin’ all those other boys
If I’m gonna be your only one
I’m not waitin’ till your honey’s done.
You’re a riot!
And you’re tough!
Honey, cut out all that stuff


I’m gonna tell you for the very last time,
If I’m yours, you better be mine.
When I come home about a quarter to four
Don’t want to hear the slammin’ of the back door
You’re bad!
And so wild!
Stop a-messin with me, child!

You might as well forget it

Why, you can just forget about
The whole cotton-pickin’ affair!
I get so tired of you finaglin’ around

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