Welcome To America Harmonica tabs

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Welcome to America,
Welcome to America
Welcome to America,
Welcome to, welcome to.

Okay, okay,
Welcome here, welcome here,
We all go for delphin here
We all know the leaners, how they lean, but never fell from here
We know how they not and how they arms is start to swellin here
Pain don’t never mind is just a sign to what they sellin here,
Never fear, never scared, my city is one alone,
Couple clowns jumping on, f*ck them heavy undertones
Never float like I was from nowhere else than I’ll be from
Living proof of winning courtesy, or what my life be done
Bucket load, navy blue, bottom great, daily hue
Horses on my hoodies, know my walking where it put me,
Swear to God I know this city like the pockets and the breathe
And I know the clock ain’t in my reach
But I’m gonna get mine by any means,
I’ve been the poster for the city, since I intervened on Christmas Eve
Born to be the logo for so they born enemy
Showed yall what the hype about, believe it like religion
Pray to God you play the odd even though the evens in your visit,

[Chorus: x2]

You’re looking from the other side, you think your grass is greener,
My city on fire, don’t need matches to start it neither
I mean sometimes it’s cool but most of time this shit is hectic
So hectic I can’t even think that shit won’t blow a record
Police harassing us, the color of my skin offend em
Not every black hit on that corner, out here drug selling,
Yeah I’ll be drug selling, I’m just one more felon
Doing me to survive, it’s hell into a better heaven
Everybody aiming for your melon,
Bedrooms turn in more bedrooms,
We facing voodoo headwinds, quitting I did not blood through,
Blotch out here, drown and hit me
Winslow when I heard the gun blow
Welcome to America, you see the bright lights gleaming
Hustlers hustling into fiends, fiending
The subway beat you there, just make sure that you know where you’re going
Get caught up in the drama, ’cause this forever flowing.


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