When You Are Lonely Harmonica tabs

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Keep a light in your window
Keep a light in your heart
A summer breeze is blowing softly
Oh you tear apart
Oh those days are over
But you can’t stop a real good love
Don’t you remember that day
When we started our way
Never ever forget – what you said
Oh when you are lonely
Lonely like me just forever
Come baby let’s stay together
Someday there’s someone for you oh yeah
Oh when you are lonely
Lonely like me and you’re calling
I’ll be right there if you are falling
Someday there’s someone, that’s true
Oh we’re dancing one summer
And the wind calls your name
Money can’t buy you good things
Can’t buy your friends
Oh it happened before girl
And it happens again
Baby, I don’t sleep alone
When nobody is at home
Never ever forget that you are gone

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