Who Not Me Harmonica tabs

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[Small World (Ludacris): x4]
Uh no way no how, get like blaow, blaow, blaow kapaow
(Yeah, you ever hear somebody sayin’ something and you think they talking)
(Bout you, you not quite sho’ you know what I’m saying but it ain’t no way they talking’ bout)
(You, introducing the new membes of Disturbing Tha Peace: Small World)
(From Norfclk, Dolla Boi from Playaz Circle, Here we go What?)

[Chorus: x2]
Who the f*ck you talking to?
Not me, Couldn’t be me, No not me
Who the f*ck you talking to?
Not me, Couldn’t be me, No not me

[Small World]
3, 2, 1
What’s begun, is the start but bitch we be saying we
“we just getting started it since one”
Y’all been monitoring, pondering bout it
How bout I, pull it out and kapaow, I’ll heat em up out his mouth with it
Big Small World, Norfclk is the gang, extended clip in the jeans
Put em in a box like Bisquick
I’m a Laker wit clips, get em in the lake wit clips
Truth is ya a clipper with clips ain’t ya bitch
I’m bout my loot and dollars, I’ll shot you for looting dollars
But you lootless and dollar-less, f*ck it I shot for Luda n Dolla
I crash parties, blast with proposed toast
I’m a have a problem like Scrap blat with me short of hoes
One for ya damn lips, or there be mixture of blood and dandruff
If you don’t get my damn drift
Creep to ya grave and leak DT Piss
This is yo highness at his less tempered
Keep it pimpin’ and watch

[Chorus: x2]

[Dolla Boi]
I been having a bad day, the same ol shit
We don’t give a f*ck about who you is
The same ol clique, and the same ol biz
The same ol flip , wit the same ol whip
The same 4-4, with the same ol clip
Half the bullets gone, the otha half you can get, bitch
R.I.P. Rick James “I’m Rich Bitch”
You talkin’ to much, nigga you a snitch bitch
And we don’t do it like that
We do 3 quarter drops and we bring a brick back, black
Don’t act get ya whole trap splat, ack
Unload em reload em, we back black
And when dem gats letting off
Red dots loud noises like planes taking off
Dolla Boi I got the game in a cross, make me bang at cha boss
For dem things coming soft, nigga

[Chorus: x2]

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
Now if a bad bitch wants dick, then its dick I give her
Ludacris nigga, I stand and deliver
Neva back down, won’t shake nor shiver
F*ck with me and get found in the Chattahoochee River
This 7 inch shank, will put a stop to his ticker
But shoties to the body make him drop much quicker
Yeah I appear to be a nice lil nigga
F*ck with anything I love, I’m a stone cold killa
Eating off of ‘Sace, sleeping on chinchilla
8 figga nigga, I’m a multi milla
See me in the street, it can’t get no realer
Giving back to my hood with a pocket full of scrilla
My neighbors say my house can’t get no bigga
I do good ass bidness, with a bad ass temper
Please tell ya bitch, stop playing with my zipper
Or I’ll bird Stick Her hahaha Stick her!

[Chorus: x2]

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