Who’s Real Harmonica tabs

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[Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
Hes phony hes fake that’s the type of people hate hey hey hey jada jada! [Repeat: x2]
If your real and you no it clap your hands [Repeat: x2]
Wait a minute whose real whose not? shes real but hes not.
If your real and you no it clap your hands

Yea yo gun go clap pack on move
Blood getting draw skin gonna bruise
Real gone win, fake gone lose love over power
They hatin’ by twos
All they left is they yellow tape in they shoes
Its real in the funeral waiting to make news
Load the tre pound so we six up on ’em
We just switch up on ’em


Whose phony whose fake?
Silver hummer on eights
Lifes good I’m straight claps your hands
One time and relate
Cant keep it 100
Cause 1’s I hate but I’ma keep it 200
Cause ones they fake red and black cars red chrome skates
Young juice lane on my blades


Yea yo pocket full of cash
Wallet full of plastic
In and outa lane dipping through the traffic
We ain’t hustling no more
We doing gymnastics
Couple of flips then stash it bastard
Real going recognize
Real going recognize real
Phony going recognize steel
I recon I will
Expose those who are
If you ain’t you all
I don’t go to far
Sorry muah
Get your self a fresh flesh wound
Or a new scar
Bullet holes on the side of your new car
Load up the AR spray all
OK y’all heads real on this side phony where ever they are


Woo! Hey!


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