With All My Might Harmonica tabs

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The mountains may crumble
And cover the road to you
But I’ll fight to break on through
With all my might
The ocean may rise up
And wash you away from me
But I’ll bring you back, you’ll see
With all my might

With all my might I’ll fight the dragons
That hang around you night and day
And when I see your spirit’s sagging
I’ll hype you up in my own way
The noise of my heartbeat
May cover the words I say
But I’ll scream and have my say
With all my might

But you’re independent
And maybe you’ll leave someday
I’ll try to say that’s okay
With all my might
The perfect invention
I’m something that keeps you here
And I aim to keep you here
With all my might

I know that it’s shaky
I hope I’m not history
I want you to stay with me
With all my might

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