Without a Doubt Harmonica tabs

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Verse One:

Dres —

Black Sheep, in your house, party people you remember
The two that served your whole crew like the bartender
It’s dynamic D, don’t you panic cause we won’t stop
until hip-hop, is all it could be, now
You can’t checks it when I flex it yo I wreck shhhh
You’re turning me off like a naked anorexic
I gets, jazzy baby if you’re blastin maybe you can
see me and Mista Lawnge to drop the flavor loops like Toucan

Lawnge —

It’s the genuine, nine and then some
Rolling with the Sheep but yo we all can’t come
Because the part be on that old strict clientele
Dissing more people at the door than Jessica and Miguel
Now if you’re peeps of the Sheep then we’ll let you in
But if you didn’t buy my album then you’re not my friend
I recommend you step back to the end
And watch me catch wreck like fat people breakin wind

Dres —

Black Sheep, we’re mighty like Isis
My man, I slam nice, yes more fly than Shazam I am
Dres, D-are-E-S, roar without a floor
I pound clowns who walk on sound for encores
Me and my man since eighty-three, makin this fast buck
Act up and get broken when I’m open like a Mack truck
Slammin ya on camera like Gamera it’s iller
Cause you never knew the Sheep could catch wreck like Godzilla

Chrous: Dres, Lawnge (repeat 2X)

Yo I can do it [can you do it can you turn the party out]
Ain’t nuttin to it [can you make the people want to scream and shout]
Yeah I can do it [can you do it can you turn the party out]
Yo we can turn this party out [yeahhh, without a doubt]

Verse Two:

Lawnge —

Black Sheep, the definition, by now you should’ve known
It means wherever we rock the spot gets blown
So when you see is on a flyer, it should be your desire
To witness more wreck than a West coast fire
So be prepared to bounce jump around and all that
You don’t have to ask Jack, you know where the party’s at
It’s uptown in the Boogie Down so don’t sleep
On that Non Fiction hit by Black Sheep

Dres —

Be the be -be , L-L-L, L-A-see-K
S-H, double-E-P, and comin your way with A
dope styles be you can’t compare
see-D, come move your ass like you’re sittin in my chair
We glow like incense intense like suspense
Commence to rip the party people love nonsense, I
put the art in party with my padre, word to madre
I love deeper than that lady Sade

Lawnge —

Black Sheep, rips and represents, believe we do
Have more crews than in the days of L.Q.
Now let me tell you, what other suckers failed to
We open more doors than a carpenter puts nails through
I wish your style was copywritten, to have fake suckers quittin
because the Sheep style you’re not gettin
Ya see we know, yo, we gotta stay original
Keep the Black Sheep flow and party til it’s time to go



D – Now to the peeps in the back, if you’re not the wack, say
[don’t stop with the body rock]
L – Now all the people in the front, if you’re ready to bump, say
[don’t stop with the body rock]
D – Now in the middle we jangle jingle it ain’t no riddle, say
[don’t stop with the body rock]
L – Now to the people on the side, if you’re black with pride, say
[don’t stop with the body rock]

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