Without You Harmonica tabs

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Oh god, look at me now,
What have I done?
I turned my back and took the road to nowhere.
I can’t believe this fear that I have,
And all of this pain,
I’ve driven myself to a dead end.

I want you near me.
Oh, I need you near me.
(without you) I’m so lonely,
(without you) I have no purpose in life,
(without you) all my dreams fall apart,
(without you) without you in my life.

Oh god, can you help me out,
I keep drifting oh so far.
I lost my direction, spinnin’ round and round,
I’m trying to find you.

Treading water, it’s sink or swim,
But I can’t help but wonder-
Won’t you, will you, pull me back?
And I confess my sin to you,
And I admit that I need you.

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