Words I Don’t Remember Harmonica tabs

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You know that I love you, baby
Only wanted one thing on my mind
Who can ever resist outside, it’s a risk I wanna try
But it’s you that got all my time

What is love but nothing more than anything you wanted, baby
And who could ever wanna be erasing all that time
What is there for me to say but words I can’t remember
Said it was you for the rest of our lives

Yeah, who knows if I love you, baby
But you’re the one thing on my mind
If you could let your angels out I’d rescue one at a time
But that’s just ghosts in the corners of your eyes

So what is trust but knowing when to let you have your silence, baby
To let you have your peaceful, private corners of your mind
Just don’t ask me to sing for you these words I won’t remember
And I won’t tell you how to live out your life

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