Would I Love You (Love You, Love You) Harmonica tabs

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Would I love you
If I thought that you’d love me too
Does a birdie fly

Would I want you
If I thought thay you’d want me too
Does a baby cry

(Would I love you)
Each and every day
(Would I love you)
Darling, come what may
(Would I love you)
Ooh-ooh, I would and I do
With a love that is true

Oh, would I kiss you
If I thought that you’d come on and kiss me too
Does a river flow
‘N just in case you’d like to know
Would I hold you
And never let you go for my whole life through
Does a fire glow

Oh, my Darlin’, Darlin’, Darlin’
(Would I love you)
Oh, you don’t have to doubt it
(Would I love you)
There’s no question about it
(Would I love you)
Darlin’, Darlin’, Darlin’, I would and I do
With a love that is true

(Would I love you)
As long as I’m here, I will
(Would I love you)
For everything that I’m worth
(would I love you)
Just like a flower loves the rain
(Would I love you)
I try to never

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