Xclusive Harmonica tabs

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Boy, you don’t know what you do to me word
Screw this, I’ma take you where the drinks are stronger
At 4 o’clock, still hitting it, nights is longer
And no, I don’t pull up in nothing European
I come straight over rear view
Hooptied out, you already know what Sheek is about
And I drove in the best of whips
And I shop so much that she don’t even want to spend no chips
Just a thug and his best be up in your chest

Could it be the way you look the way
The way that you be touching me
Sending shivers up and down my spine
Oh., could it be the way you’ve got me feeling
Boy, there’s no denying
Exclusive’s what you are to me

you’re exclusive, baby (Oh)
No one can do me like you, baby (No one)
No one can love me (Love me), no one can hold me (Hold me)
And when I think of all the things you do (You do)
there’s no one but you

Dizzy, babe, the way you got me tripping
Got me so amazed
No one can do the things you do
Like the way you be kissing on my body
Boy, there ain’t nobody
Exclusive?s what you are to me


(No one else) No one else (In my life) in my life
(On my heart, on my mind)
(I hope you feel) I hope you feel (The way that I do)
I do
Exclusive me and you

I pick ’em all up in hoopties
But honey is bad, so tonight it’s the Coupe I whip
And I usually come dirty, but tonight I’m fresh
Come and throw on some exclusive shit
It might sound like vanity
But mami’s bad, I swear to God I think I’m losing my sanity
Picked her up in the Porsche, skipped off to a yacht
Came back and had dinner at the ?

And I’m cool on these honeys
And all of her friends hate when I come around
Cause they know money’s involved, the Coupe or the
23 and 20s involved
Might rain all day and be sunny tomorrow
But nobody could love you the way I do
Always do the right thing, or at least try to
But the way I put it on you is exclusive, ma
So all that talk that your friends do is useless, ma

[Chorus: x3]

Ruff Ryders

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