Yah-Ta-Ta, Yah-Ta-Ta (Talk, Talk, Talk) Harmonica tabs

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Love your skimmer Judy, where did you grab it?

My hat?
Oh Bing, how nice of you to ask me that.
Because there’s a very interesting story
Connected with this hat, there really is.
I was walking down the street the other day,
Ran into Mllicent Palmer, you know Millicent Palmer,
A very dear friend of mine.

How do I get involved?

Well we walked around the corner for what passes
For a millinery shop and she looked in the window and
Saw my hat and said, “that is for you”
I went in, the saleslady put it on my head and I
Thought it was a little matronly


Oh, now wait, no wait


When I got my arm around you and we’re going for a walk
Must you ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, talk, talk, talk
When we’re sitting close together in a cozy taxi cab
Must you ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, gab, gab, gab
Aristotle, mathematics, economics, antique chairs
The classics, the comics, darling, who cares?
There’s a brand new moon this evening and the weather should be fine
If you ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, same old line
I’ll politely close your lips with mine

How’s your golf Bing?

My golf? Ho-ho I’m really moving that ball out there, striking it a ton.
I had a sixty-nine Sunday, should have been a sixty-five.
Terrific wind blowing, couldn’t drop a single putt, it was murder

Oh, I lost my head with this question

And of course the equipment, you just can’t get any golf balls anymore
The actors are hoarding them all…and the caddies, huh they want an
Annuity for eighteen holes. You’ve got to take an option on one to be sure
He’ll show up.

When the parlour lights are lowered and the family isn’t in
Must you ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, chin, chin, chin
When there’s music softly playing and I’m sitting on your lap
Must you ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, yap, yap, yap
Forward passes, second baggers, or a jockey who is hot.
Or boxing, or hockey, darling, so what?

I’ll attempt some other evening.
Well you can call for me at nine

But if you ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, ya-ta-ta, same old line
What do you mean the same old line?
Same line

You asked me about my hat,
You’ve been standing there for an hour
And a half talking your big fat head off

I thought
About golf

I just
You didn’t even let me finish my story
I told you what I would do
Oh darling, let me finish
Steady, steady

It’s so nice to close your lips with mine.

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