Year of the Lover Harmonica tabs

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[Verse 1]
This one for the radio [Repeat: x4]
Don’t make plans for dinner.
I’ma put you up on the stove and take off all of your clothes girl watch me cook.
Until you get nice and tender.
You ain’t going no where tonight I’m holding you hostage.
So bring it front and center we bout to get up.
And I might mess up your make-up but I don’t care how you look cause I know I found winner.
I hope your ready to run your victory lap.

[Chorus: x2]
This is the year of the lover.
Let’s make a baby, let’s do something crazy.
Let’s reach out and love one another.

[Verse 2]
I’ma catch you in the shower while you dripping wet.
I’ma come and kiss your neck, you gone kiss mine back.
How sexy is that
Rub your teardrop, put your body on the counter.
You gone say “Do that daddy”. I’m gone say “OK momma”.
Wrap you in a towel and bring you over to the bed.
I’ll watch you spread and get in between your legs.
Now, I know that you won’t give my loving to no other.
We on top of the covers.

[Chorus: x2]


I’m gonna strip you down picture me rubbing your body nice and slow.
I’m gonna take you on a ride called making love girl don’t let go.

[Chorus: x2]

I’ma love you girl, I’ma love you baby.
Oh I just wanna love you.
This one for the radio [Repeat: x2]

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