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Yeah, Gilla
WKYA Radio, we be kicking ya ass nigga!
Redman “on the mic”

[Parrish Smith]
When I walk up in the street, niggas like yo
PMD you tight on the mic, yeah I know
Dirty South bouncing, cause it did snow
Even Mississippi get ten feet or more
It’s the doctor, these other rappers might follow you
Me, I’m underground, I’m bound to strike for you
Right outa Belleview, PMD the nutcase
Raps stick to you like I just ate duct tape
I’m like a CNN update
You’re tuned into a Rapnophobia on dub plates
At night or up late, work in the market
Black out like the one I pulled in August
It wasn’t nothing like hip-hop music
Before Pro Tools took over two inch
Mic Doc, 20 years on the stage
Still Housing, still Mad, still on a Rampage

[Chorus: Redman]
When I hang out in Brooklyn, them niggas like Yo!
When I’m in the Bronx, them niggas like Yo!
When I’m in Manhattan, them niggas like Yo!
When I’m up in Queens, them niggas like (Clown)
But Bricks is in the house tonight
I said Bricks is in the house tonight!
Don’t matter if you’re black or you’re white
Just roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it

Dog, I’m hanging out my car, yelling out Yo!
Who got the haze for me to twist Yo!
Redman, the boss-a, rap like a pro
While your home tip toeing to Al Jarreau
I’m in the cut bleeding
Trying to stop my niggas from selling dope to pumping weed and leaving this
F*ck the stage, I’m in your hood
Posted with more chains that June bug Spade
Yeah I’m the pimp of the year
Now sucker MCs can take the window or the stairs
This is Gilla, Powfanalia
Injected it got more power than Zelda
Now you niggas know know know
Brick city on overload load load
And if your bitch start actin up
She wanna run up with the dog dog
I say stuck up bitches (Oh no)
Punk ass niggas (Oh no)
Brick city gonna take whatever
We load me up and I high jack the Nebucadnezer


[Erick Sermon]
Hey yo, when I’m in the hood them niggas like Yo!
Erick you’re the reason why them dudes slow flow
Yo! You the reason why them cats got dough
You opened the door, and some of them owe
Yo! DJ, I hustle and flow
Ducking us this type like Russell Ingall
Any beat should occur, cock the four, for real
Last deal, I come out for the dumb out
Talk ’til my shells run out, then crop it
Like a movie scene and walk away clean
I’m mean when it comes to hardcore deception
Poker face swag, all in, I bet this
I done rock shit to present MCing
When I’m in the place its graced like I’m preaching
Everybody’s ears are open when I’m speaking
Nigga, look how many fans I’m reaching


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