You Can Do It Harmonica tabs

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Let your body go
You know you can do it

Like thee
There’s really nothing to it

Repeat Intro

(1st Tag)
You can do it
And you know that you can
There’s nothing to it
Just go ahead and do your dance

Repeat 1st Tag

Get up and do your thing
(You know you can do it)
And don’t you feel your shame
(There’s really nothing to it)

(2nd Tag)
You know you can do it
So get up and move your body to it
Don’t be ‘fraid to do your thing
No such words as being shame
Everybody, boogy tonight

Chorus (x2)


Repeat 2nd Tag

Intro – 2nd half – x2
Chorus – x2
Intro – x2
Chorus – x2
Intro – x2

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