You Said No Harmonica tabs

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Your so fit,
And you know it,
And I only dream of you,
’cause my life`s,
Such a bitch,
But you can change it.

Maybe you need,
Somebody just like me,
Don`t turn me down,
’cause I`ve got no car,
And I`ve got no money.

I asked you to dance at the disco,
But you said no!
The whole world was watching,
And laughing,
On the day that I crased and burned,
At your feet.

The day,
That you dissed me,
I`m feeling so pathetic.
’cause the guys,
Well they`ve ditched me,
And it`s all becuase of,

You and your friends,
Are laughing at me now,
You think that I`m nothing,
Ask your sister what your missing!


Maybe you think that your too good for me,
Tonight when you get home your gonna see,
I know,
I`ve got,
Something better than you baby.

Na na na na,
Na na na na,
Na na na na.

Na na na na,
Na na na na,
Na na na na.


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